Jersey City, NJ.

A few years ago, Saddle River Inn star chef, Jamie Knott, turned a literal cellar on the outskirts of downtown Jersey City into one of the state’s dining hotspots. Cellar 335’s tiki-filled ambiance is one thing I’m looking forward to most as indoor dining restrictions in NJ begin to (hopefully) ease up. The indoor—and now newly built outdoor—atmosphere features murals by local artist Mr. MustArt and an array of other luau-inspired feels makes Cellar 335 in instant classic that Jersey should hang on to for dear life.

This is one of the best places to share food at, with the team’s Neo Asian-influenced menu highlighted by avocado fried rice and Korean-style wings. Since they opened a few years back, this has always been one of my favorite date spots, one where drinks come in everything from skulls to tiki mugs. (If you’re reading this, please bring back the chicken wontons.) Through 2020’s trials and tribulations, Cellar 335’s Peter Arnone led the charge to legalize to-go cocktails (if only for a short while), a petition that no doubt helped all North Jersey restaurants with a liquor license stay the course.

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